Canon in D Major

Canon in D Major

The familiar tune stirs me from intermittent thoughts,
melodic strings gently pushing memories
to the forefront of my mind.

Emotions swell with each crescendo,
hypnotic waves that rival their watery counterparts
and I grow sadder with each note that passes,

remembering how my mother loved to play the Canon.
Sunday morning, she in her fuzzy robe with curlers in her hair,
I in my Spiderman pajamas– two crazy fools

waltzing around like loons in the kitchen
as Daddy read the newspaper and scowled.
We would twirl until our toes hurt.

Ah, but we haven’t danced in years, we two crazy fools
now wallflowers with their feet lodged firmly in their mouths.
I find myself playing the piece over and over,

and I can’t help but wonder
if she is listening to the Canon right now,
or if she still likes to dance.


Copyright © 2011 by Christopher Chaffin – All rights reserved


About cjchaffin

Wordsmithing is my passion. I eat, sleep, and breathe words and phrases, only to regurgitate them and pray that they are better off than when I first ingested them.
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