Your sweet magnolia scent
mingles with the heat of my skin,
crushed petals clinging to wet hands.

“Let go. Let go,” I repeat,
a single iris flooded with tears,
memories trapped between pursed lips.

Stretched out on Georgia sands
where clay meets saltwater,
I finally whisper your name.


Copyright © 2011 by Christopher Chaffin – All rights reserved


About cjchaffin

Wordsmithing is my passion. I eat, sleep, and breathe words and phrases, only to regurgitate them and pray that they are better off than when I first ingested them.
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2 Responses to Savannah

  1. Sonja Chaffin says:

    did you whisper my name when i came and picked you up from the airport? huh weird lol i do love your poems, writings whatever you call them bro bro..i just like pickin on you like i do a good booger lol love you always 🙂

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